Ebony Ase is a American singer and songwriter born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has performed at various venues in downtown Tulsa such as Living Arts, Jazz Hall of Fame, Foolish Things Coffee, John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation Park and the Yetti. Ebon Ase's first single #SABMH, her rendition of Sade’s “Somebody Already Broke My Heart”. Following her #SABMH single she released an original titled LIT. 

January 2019 Ebony Ase kicked off her inaugural benefit concert initiative title A.R.T. (Ambition Reveals Truth) and awarded the Tulsa Girls Art School with over a year worth of art supplies. Annually this benefit concert will be utilized to fundraise for art programs located in the Tulsa Metroplex and surrounding areas. This benefit concert exist to highlight the significant role art plays in the economic, academic and social emotional development of students. Ebony Ase birthed this idea out of the love for giving back to her community and the arts.

"My artistry knows no boundaries. I'm in love with creating music that will touch the souls of many and live on forever.”

                                                             - Ebony Ase